Marketing Singers

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Hundreds of singers are making far more and enjoying their careers more by following marketing and promotional principles detailed in Marketing Singer.

The 4th Edition of Marketing Singers is now available for a limited time to include 3 months of email consulting with Mark Stoddard.

When the book arrives, email Mark Stoddard at mark@mjstoddard.com to let him know you received the book and have begun reading it. Email Mark with questions, how to apply the information to your given circumstance or any other question. He'll usually get back to you within 24 hours. If the matter is urgent, specify a time you need it if less than 24 hours.

Your 3 months meter begins when you receive the book.

Mark is looking forward to helping you advance your singing career.

Key principles in the book include:
* 20+ simple principles for getting to the right person at the right time for the right money
* 40 venues that will pay you for singing and lead to even better jobs
* A clear path to follow for reaching the top of your career. One job can lead to a better job.
* Simple ways to get paid more without sacrificing artistic integrity
* A "how to" guide for organizing benefit concerts and recitals
* A "how to" guide for getting free publicity
* Methods for getting a manager, managing your manager or opting to manage your own career.